Nice Morning

So I woke up with no alarm clock which is usually a sign of a good night’s rest. I do my normal morning routine of putting on work clothes, brushing my teeth, and putting my contacts in. The weather is dreary and I much prefer 100 degree heat to this doom and gloom. I’m driving down Spring Garden when my left contact falls out. Fortunately, I’m able to catch it but now the problem becomes I have a dried up contact in my left hand, I can’t see out of my left eye, and I’m driving in traffic with cars all around while trying to put my contact back in. I grab a water bottle next to me and unscrew the cap only to lose my grip on it and the cap falls to the floor. So now I have to balance this full water bottle without it spilling everywhere. I wet the contact and manage to get it back in but not without getting water all over my pants. So now I go to the place I order breakfast looking like I peed myself. No real point to the story other than a need for Lasik eye surgery.

A few posts ago I wrote that I gave a girl a side hug as an introductory move. As it turns out, people aren’t that familiar with this move and I want to explain the move and when to use it. First off, it’s only done with a male-female intro. Handshakes with girls are out in my book. I’ve just always found them to be peculiar and sometimes the girl will give you their fingers instead of their palm and it can just turn ugly. I wrote before about the close up wave hello and this is the epitome of awkwardness. It’s basically saying “I don’t know you that well to hug and I have no other move as a greeting, so I’ll give you a close up wave hello.” There’s obviously the full hug but then I feel like you smush the girls boobs against you and maybe not everyone is comfortable with that. I feel like I give hugs to my relatives and not to people that I might be meeting once or twice a month. Plus I don’t just throw my hugs out with disregard. If you are with another person, and they know a group of girls better than you and they enter by hugging everyone, I don’t just start hugging every random person because a hug might be a bit too forthcoming for random intro’s. So you use the side hug. Now you can’t side hug groups, it only works for individuals and it has to be when you are approaching from a different angle than straight on. It’s when you stand to the side of a girl, put your arm around their shoulder and give a little squeeze sideways. It’s not for every situation but it will present itself every so often and it makes for a fine, acceptable greeting.