The Shit Show

Ck4 says I should charge people money for video access to “the shit show.” He believes that this is an innovative idea and most people aren’t doing video blogs hammered. I am not so sure. I’ve been getting wasted too often lately and although they may be entertaining, it is at my personal health. I just have a problem charging people for what I consider no content. Maybe if I were doing something that was more constructive it would be ok but I just can’t sell out for the money. I probably would if it were enough money though. Everyone has their price. I will say this, I won’t ever have ads because I hate web sites that do and that alone should mean something.

In other news, I’m typing this on the laptop I got and its different when I’m sitting in the tv room, watching football, and typring entries. I’m not sure if I like it or not. I have instant access to anything but I get distracted very easily and can’t watch the games. It is convenient though and at what I would consider a pretty cheap price tag, it has it’s value over time.

I’ve been getting rocked in the sports betting world. I ran my initial 50 up to 650 and now the account sits at 30 with some money current on the Rams which is looking good. I know that you’ll never make real money sports betting and I’m ok with bets here or there just looking for some fun but if I’m not losing any of my initial principal I can’t be too upset with losing profits. I haven’t been playing poker much either. I sort of need to get back onto normal life again because I just went on a 4 day drinking binge and I’m not feeling fantastic today. I should probably go to the gym but I’m just really happy sitting here and being lazy. I know this post was pretty shitty but something is better than nothing. I don’t have any good weekend stories but I survived with no injuries so that was good.