Monday Morning

I woke up today feeling good because I didn’t get black-out drunk on Saturday night. I pretty much slept a full 8 hours and didn’t wake up once which is pretty unusual. I decided to take 76 to work instead of Kelly because it’s MLK day and it really is a faster way in if there’s no traffic. I also woke up singing Naive by the Kooks for some reason and in crazy, someone has tapped into my brain fashion, I heard the song on the way to work. AltNation struck 3 in a row with that, Shake me Down by Cage and the Elephant and then Electrify by Mute Math. The Middle ended the streak. I’ve been really picky about the music I’ve been listening to lately. I had the Anberlin and Arcade Fire CD’s in my car, both really solid CD’s, but now I have nothing.

Our first Manayunk game was yesterday and it turned into a blowout. I asked Baker to drive from Hatboro even though he wasn’t really into playing and he did so I felt a little bad. Just to point out what a friend does for his friends. The game ended up being a complete romping. We were up 39 to 14 or so at halftime and that was that. The court is a lot smaller than we are used to which may be problematic against better teams but we acquired someone who is actually tall for this league so I think that will help. Y game on Tuesday and this will be the first time we are in 2 leagues simultaneously so I’m hoping to see some improvement.

Just a few random topics. Laura, I’m reading the Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest and I see where you are coming from it being somewhat confusing with all the characters they are introducing but I can’t say that the book isn’t good. I’ve found each book has taken a different path which is somewhat unusual for an author to have such diversity in their writing. For example, every John Grisham book I read has the same sort of feel to it. This 3rd book in the installment has been the least action but I’m also not finished yet so I may finish with a different opinion.

The Sunday night Showtime shows are a bit disappointing. Californication is missing the mark on its first two episodes. I think they sort of backed themselves into this storyline and it’s just not working. I just wish they could start over and start Hank fresh because it’s just really depressing. Episodes is what I would like to call “trying too hard to be funny.” It’s forced comedy and it’s just bad. I like how they have critics saying how good the show is but that must be because they haven’t watched it. I didn’t even bother with Shameless this week because I call this show “trying to be over the top funny” and it’s just not. Didn’t even tune in.

Onto some more random things. I’ve been sucked into Angry Birds: Season’s Greedings which is different then the original and have 3 starred about a 1/3 of the levels and have wasted way too much time on the game but I’ve come this far that I think I’ll finish it. There is a small feeling of accomplishment when you shoot a good bird and cause mass pig slaughter but it’s a fleeting feeling. I also have been playing some poker here or there and managed to final table a 12 dollar 180 man. I ended up getting 5th but I obviously think I should have won. I didn’t suck out at all to get to that point and then some key hands didn’t go my way. My Tens lost to a KQ in a hand that would have made me chip leader but instead pushed me to the bottom. Then after a nice double up with my AQ vs KJ, I made an awesome read and overpushed with KT against a somewhat shortstack and he showed up with K2 and he flopped trips. Then my send off hand was me pushing my sb of K8 into the same d-bag who snapped called with a T-9 from the bb and managed to flop trips on me again. Good playing, not great result. I’m going to to sign up for Blue Fire Poker again and start taking it a bit more serious. Once I put in the hours of training I’ll by myself a new 23″ monitor so I can 9 table again instead of 4 max.

That’s all that is really going on in my life. I watched a few Modern Family’s yesterday and this episode of Family Guy. Seriously this had me laughing so hard that I have to share. The “hey, there’s my little man” is easily the best part although the paramedic’s come on down followed by the dance is great too. Chris is on fire because he was wanking it and that was similar to Peter and the cow for all the nitwits.