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stern-howardSeth MacFarlane did an interview on the Howard Stern show today that is worth listening to.  Howard has become the premier interviewer on the planet and his guest list continues to improve year after year with A-listers.  Seth Macfarlane was in town promoting Ted 2 and by doing this interview hits millions of people who share similar comedic tastes.

Seth is so smart that whatever comes out of his mouth is gold and the best part is that he knows this but doesn’t act like he does.  He is a prodigy.  At the age of 2 he drew this picture of Fred Flintstone.

Seth Macfarlane -Fred Flintstone

Age 9 he created this comic strip called Walter Crouton and Friends.




Seth-MacFarlaneI’m not sure I knew my name at 2.  At 7, I cried in art class because I couldn’t cut construction paper into the shape of a heart. Seth MacFarlane is getting paid by his local paper at the age of 9 to contribute a comic strip. Sheesh.

The interview was fairly tame but I think that’s because Howard respects Seth so much. A few spots I enjoyed:

  • The movie Ted grossed $500 million and cost around $60 million.  Seth made, what he completely guessed, $30 million.  Ari Emmanuel is his agent.
  • He graduated from the Rhode Island Design school which is one of the foremost design schools.
  • He is close friends with Charlize Theron but they have never banged.  He lost his virginity at 20 and would like to have a family.
  • He works 90 hours a week and falls asleep with a book in his hand instead of banging supermodels.
  • He had a few drinks before hosting the Oscars.

I thought Ted was average at best and A Million Ways to Die was even worse than that.  HOWEVER, early Family Guy is the funniest show with the best jokes and runs circles against any almost all other comedies .  He was the entire show back in 1999 and there is a dramatic difference between those episodes and what the show has become.  Whatever Seth puts his mind to comes out as excellence because he’s ahead of the curve with regard to intelligence and humor.  Plus he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

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Who’s Always Funny?

I was thinking about what current comedians were consistently funny in movies and shows and only a few came to mind. You’d think that there would be a lot more humorous people making it to the screens but I’m not seeing it. I almost feel the need to go back in time a bit to re-hash some legends so we are all on the same page of what humor is. Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber vaulted his run of box office comedic legend (not so much anymore). Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Steve Martin were big in the 80’s and always good for laughs. The late Chris Farley, George Carlin and Jim Belushi were hysterical while alive. Will Ferrell and Mike Meyers were, and still are, high profile draws. These actors though have been around and there haven’t been many new players to replace them. I do feel like there is still some decent talent out there.

Seth Rogen
He’s a merry fellow. I get the feeling he’d be a blast to hang out with. Smoke a few J’s, drink some beers, and have Seth keep your side splitting all day long. He understands humor. When he was the lead in Knocked Up it was like who the hell is this guy? Since then he’s gone on to kick the movie industry square in the teeth and take it by storm. That doesn’t mean that everything he does is going to be awesome (Observe and Report, Green Hornet, Funny People) but that’s not his fault. He has even shown the range of doing serious movies, 50/50, which he was great in. He is routinely clever and witty and makes you like him. He’s gone on Howard Stern numerous times as well and he’s completely open and honest. The guy will be around for a long time.

Workaholics Crew
For the uneducated, this crew is made up of Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and co-creator Kyle Newacheck. They are hugely underrated although I believe they are starting to gain some speed. Adam DeVine (we share the same birthday, same year) has appeared in some major films like Pitch Perfect but that’s about the only thing these guys have gotten into mainstream outside of the show. I have to add the cameo appearance they had recently in Arrested Development as a place you may recognize them. I think they fall in the Trey Stone – Matt Parker category of creating a show that people write off as childish but it has way more depth than critics give it credit for. Workaholics has jokes that kill episode after episode that are easy to miss unless you are on your toes. I’m looking forward to this group making more anything. Check out the clip of one of their first productions which is awesome. Jumper, laugh out loud.

Seth MacFarlane
Seth Macfarlane
He wins at life. On May 4, 2008, after approximately two and a half years of negotiations, MacFarlane reached a $100-million agreement with Fox to keep Family Guy and American Dad until 2012. The agreement makes him the world’s highest paid television writer. I personally have never watched American Dad or The Cleveland Show. I have a feeling they suck. What I do know though is that when Seth MacFarlane was putting in his effort for Family Guy (probably the first 4-5 seasons before a ton of writers starting taking over the jokes) it was the funniest show on television. When the guys of South Park are mocking you because you use cutaways for your jokes, you know they have to feel a little threatened. I probably have to watch Ted as well but I’m sort of biased on my love of early Family Guy for this pick. I get the feeling he’s incredibly intelligent as well. If you can not laugh through this roast you are a less funny person than I.

A few misses
-Adam Sandler was on the right path but took a complete U-Turn after Big Daddy.
-Jonah Hill is not funny in anything, ever, after I read that Rolling Stone article.
-Paul Rudd for some reason is put on a pedestal. He’s ok, but not really a comedian like he’s portrayed.

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