SEO Thoughts

So I’ve given my blog a new title in hopes of promoting new traffic with something that is more specific to what I’m doing. Evan said he found my blog come up in a search for Manayunk Sport and Social so I obviously write things about where I’m living. Do I really think I’m Manayunk’s Main Man? Of course not but it has a nice ring to it and no one was finding my blog with a title of “always drunk in Philadelphia” which I thought was clever. I’ve been delving further in SEO (search engine optimization) and I think I might be starting to get the hang of creating better posts more accustomed to search engines. My frostbite 5 miler post got me 20 new visits just based on an appropriate title. Notice I also made my Kildare’s Manayunk post a title that when people search for something general, they’ll find what they are looking for. Hopefully if I move this to a Manayunk Themed site I can cash in on some better traffic.

To update everyone on the current traffic level of the site, my site traffic is up 183% compared to last month and I’ve had 4,501 visits with 3,264 being unique. This has far surpassed any levels prior and I’ll breakdown what is actually occurring. In a one month time span 814 of those visits are from people seaching for Suri Cruise (roughly 20%). This is mostly irrelevant traffic because most people are bouncing directly off after seeing the content. 1185 visits come from people going directly to the site. Meaning people typing in in their URL. Now 1 person could make up 100 of these visits so these 1185 clicks come from loyal readers which I’m more than happy to have. Facebook sends me 446 and Bansheemann sends me 185. 1816 visits are relevant with the rest just finding myself on some off basis. For one month I think this is a pretty good level which I’m fairly proud of. With a further degree of seriousness taking to posting more often and creating good content, hopefully I can expand on this new found traffic.

To give you an idea of how much money I’m able to generate using Adsense, I had a revenue stream of $3.36 for the first 4 days I had it up. This was mostly due to me experimenting and a click or two from Jkash. As I had it the Ad’s were not being clicked on and still weren’t set up right so I ended up taking them down. If you have any experience in AdSense, maybe you could give me a hand. So the site is not a moneymaker at it’s current level but maybe in the future. It’s good to know that at least some people do read my ramblings, rants, and raves. Thanks for reading.