Appetizers @ the Golden Inn / Seaglass

At a relatively nice restaurant called Seaglass in Avalon, these are the size of their appetizers. Take a guess how much they are each?

The springs rolls were 7 bucks and the chowder was also 7. I would have thought these picture were taken with a magnifying glass because these make them look reasonable. The spring rolls were two bites each and look at how big the spoon is in the cup. For 7 bucks you’d think you would get something at least a little filling. I realize it’s down the shore and everyone thinks they can jack the prices up because it’s vacation but sometimes the patron fights back. I hope google picks up this post and sends anyone looking for the Seaglass to this page so they can read about my lack of satisfaction in these appetizers. The entrees were also overpriced for what it’s worth. A JRP costs 7 bucks!?!