You’ll see that I added a forum at the top of the page. With all the participation that I get through the comments to my posts, I don’t exactly expect to get much out of this. It’s more of something to have but you never know, it might be a hit. I’ve created a couple of topics but feel free to create your own. Know that at least I’ll respond.

In other news, it’s the weekend. I got a bit too bombed last weekend and I need to keep it in check this weekend. I’m considering doing the Sea Isle 10 miler next weekend so that would give me some motivation not to get wrecked this weekend. I also plan on playing golf a couple of times this weekend. We are probably going to play Riverwinds on Saturday and Lederach on Sunday. It’s just CK4 and I on Saturday. If anyone reads this and is interested in playing call, text, or email me.

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10 miler

So I did the Sea Isle 10 miler this past weekend. I didn’t drink much on Friday which is 1 of 3 days of the year I won’t get obliterated on the weekend. I drove left at 8:45am. Got to the Borgata at 10. Played poker for 3 hours and won 50 bucks. I had some time to kill so I played Pai Gow and lost 110. So I ended up down 60 after leaving the casino. Then I went to Sea Isle for the run. I start in this huge cluster fuck of people probably half way back out of 1400 people. So I get off at this slow ass pace where I ran the first mile at 7 minutes, but in reality it was probably sub 6 because of how slow I had to start. Anyhow, you run for a half mile or so and then the sand starts. Running on the sand isn’t awful but it’s much tougher than black top. I split 3 miles at 18:00 which shows how fast I was trying to make up the lost time from the beginning. I felt fine through 5 where I was a tad over 30 minutes. Then I ran 2 more fine miles at around 6 something pace. Then there was 3 straight miles of sand running where I was just gassed. No one was passing me until about a half mile left in the race so my pace wasn’t too slow but I just didn’t have the finish I was hoping for. Some broad passed me with a half mile left and that was obviously demoralizing that I couldn’t beat her. I finished in 65th with a time of 62:25. The competition was pretty good this year. Last race of the year will be the Philadelphia half marathon.

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