A Silent Film – Sand & Snow

You can listen to the entire album on Spotify and there’s absolutely no reason not to. This band is completely overlooked. With past hits as You Will Leave a Mark & Driven By A Beaten Heart, they absolutely knock this album out of the park. I’ve wrote about Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well which was their first single off this album (and can be listened to below). Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat is a terrific song as well. I sat there listening to their entire album and didn’t have the feeling “oh I have to turn this song off because it sucks at any point.” Re-read that last line because that is the key to a good album. Groups that have one or two good songs don’t necessarily make them good. Being able to listen to an entire album and enjoy it (ala Foster the People) is when I know I can back a group. This is only my review after one listen through and I will listen through it again and again.