Sabine Lisicki is Everything Wrong With Woman’s Sports

Sabine Lisicki crying like a baby while getting her ass whoooped

Sabine Lisicki crying like a baby while getting her ass whooped

TheSunUKMARION BARTOLI became the 18th different woman to win Wimbledon after she crushed tearful Sabine Lisicki.

If I were a Sabine Lisicki fan, I would pick a new player to root for. I watched a few sets this morning and was appalled to see a woman crying DURING the match. She’s getting her ass kicked and then starts weeping while she’s serving. It’s like she couldn’t possibly fathom that she could play this bad that she had a complete meltdown. This is the reason why women earn less than men. She plays a fantastic tournament, beats the best tennis player in the world earlier, and then instead of finishing with dignity, she gives me a reason to wonder what the fuck she’s thinking. A League of Their Own said it best. There’s no crying in sports, ever. The last time I cried during a sport was in Tecmo Super Bowl when Bud would use the front center DL and sack my Q instantly. You get ridiculed for crying. You look weak, unstable, emotionally beat. Why would you let your opponent see you crying? This is never a good look.

The only time it’s ever acceptable to cry is after winning a championship. If MJ is allowed to cry after winning, anyone can cry. However, no one, ever, is allowed to cry when they are losing while playing. People will respect you less. No one forgets Oliver McCall crying against Lennox. Big Baby was a big baby when KG yelled at him. You have a screw loose if a sport makes you cry. I know tensions can rise during sports but if I were a coach, I wouldn’t want a player who was mentally weak. Leave the tears at the door.