Do this, do that

Lately I feel like there have been a lot of decisions to make. None of which are particularly difficult decisions, but nevertheless have to be made. I am going to attend a roofing show in New Orleans the 3rd week of Feb. Now I want to do this as cost efficiently as possible, so i was going to fly in on Sunday, do the show Mon and Tues and leave Tues evening. Problem is I have a meeting at 5:15 Tues and no flights leave that late. So I have to stay Wed and miss another day of work. Decision made and me alone in New Oreleans should be good.

Wing bowl is this Friday. A couple of us want to go. Honestly, beer and tits are right up my alley so this occasion is sort of designed with the adult male in mind. I have slate rippers coming in but JC said it was fine if I took off Friday. There’s a driving issue because no one wants to drive drunk, obviously, and the parking lots open at 4 am and the center opens at 5 am. So this is before trains and you have to have a ticket to enter. As of now there are no tickets and no definite number of people going. Here’s another one of those decisions that are up in the air.

I final decision is regarding the company’s website. We have two people competing for the job and I think both would do a good job but I am weighing a bit towards one. Once again another decision, although this one actually is important because it involves money that I’d rather not blow. Another deadline, another decision.

Off topic, I watched Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I really liked this movie. Nothing sophisticated, cheesy catch lines, average acting. I was entertained throughout though and would say if you are bored and looking to kill some time, this wasn’t awful, but don’t expect too much.

So I’ve figured out what is going on with the Stortz tools and google. One person thinks it’s funny to google the phrase “stortz tools” and then click on the link. They’ve done this 19 times over the past 5 days. It’s really kind of bizarre the more I think about it. They visited the site 9 times this way just yesterday and they are on a comcast connection. The only thing I can think of is that it’s a hater of this blog and they want to see this come down because they think I will stop posting if it will interfere with business. The whole circumstance is really weird but since I have backend stats it’s pretty clear what is happening. Hi Hater, I see you. I’m not Sherlock Holmes but I’m pretty sure I know who it is.