Running To Beat the Heat

What movie is this scene  from?

What movie is this scene from?

It’s been hot. 100 degree hot. I’ve been getting my ass kicked on workouts like never before. I’ll start out with 15 minutes at a nice pace, do 10 minutes of hard stair work, and then I’m toast. I try to add more to the workout and my whole body is spent. My run back is unbearable and I’ve even had circumstances where I’ve had to take a break and actually walk on the way back. I swear this is unheard of in my years of running. So I’m either aging or the heat is sapping the life out of me.

I know full well that I’ve entered into some of these workouts dehydrated and that doesn’t help. Running on days after drinking is always more taxing on the body. This is hardly an excuse as I’ve been doing this for many years. Without the proper hydrating though, I can feel that my body isn’t reacting with efforts of strength in this 100 degree weather. This has me hydro-loading for the 5k on Wednesday. To anyone reading this blog, there is a fun 5k on Wednesday called the Phil’s 5k. It’s going to be steaming hot but that makes it more fun.

There are a few benefits and downsides to running in this weather. The biggest downside is that your clothes get so sweaty that they need to be washed immediately. If you leave sweat drenched clothes on the ground for days at a time, the sweat smell gets embedded into it and it’s impossible to get rid of. That means that if you run daily, you need to do a load of wash after every run. One of the great things about scorching weather is that the water afterwards tastes 10x better. Today after I did my run I found a water fountain in my building that was probably the coldest, purest, elixir I’ve had in a long time. It was comparable to sipping water while in the Sahara desert. I sat by it for 3 straight minutes just lapping up the water. It reminded me of being a kid and knowing which water fountains were worth drinking out of because they were the coldest. Working out in weather like this also helps you when the heat goes back to normal because you’ll be prepared for tougher conditions. I personally love it because it makes me sweat like a beast and I feel so good afterwards. To anyone who doesn’t like it, you’re probably a pussy.