Running in the Cold

Aside from that one freak snow storm on Halloween, we’ve had pretty warm weather in Philly so far heading into December. I’m noticing that starting to change a little bit and I suspect freezing weather is soon to follow. When I drive up Kelly each morning I see people all bundled up running in the cold and I wonder “why on earth would you do this?” There are a number of reasons why I wouldn’t put myself through this:
1. The cold in general is uncomfortable.
2. Your hands and toes start to freeze.
3. You don’t sweat properly.
4. More clothing leads to slower times.
5. It doesn’t feel like you’re getting a work out

I suppose people feel like a champ after completing a run in the cold and having that sensation of running in brisk weather but I just prefer perfection conditions. Now maybe I’m biased because I can’t feel my left foot in the ice cold but you won’t find me running in any weather under 50. Technically I shouldn’t be writing this post because it will lead to more people running indoors but I really would appreciate any comments on why you run outside in cold weather if you don’t have to.