Rory McIlroy is a Quitter

I read an article that Rory McIlroy dropped out of a tournament due to severe wisdom tooth pain. He was 7 over after 8 holes at the time of quitting. I’m not a big Rory fan to begin with but this reeks of having a bad day and being a quitter. You already played half the course and you have to tough it out for 2 more hours to keep your integrity. Some people can’t handle failure and I believe that is an important attribute to have. People who can still have a good time doing something even if they aren’t doing it well know how to enjoy life. This story makes me think that Rory is a complete puss and when things don’t go his way, he quits. What shocks me also is that, “withdrawing from a golf tournament on the PGA Tour has lasting consequences. It means you’re not eligible for the Vardon Trophy, awarded to the player with the lowest stroke average at the end of the season and something McIlroy won a season ago. McIlroy will not be repeating this feat in 2013.” Moves like this make me dislike “athletes” who make millions of dollars and are out of touch with reality. Shoot a bad score and have a good time doing it to have a likeable image.