Attn: Blog Readers

I have stumbled onto the far and away best thing that has ever happened to this blog. With the Stones subscription I have all access to every Rolling Stones article ever printed. This goes back to the 60’s and the articles and pictures are phenomenal. My goal will be to read every article from every issue. This may take me a full year or so but it will be worth it. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post what I intend to post but I promise it will be great blog material. Most likely I’ll get a cease and desist letter from Rolling Stone but until that happens, I’ll give you a sample of all the great material. These are ads from 1989. And this is just the first few I looked at. I’m sure I can put together WAY BETTER things than these.

Miller Light is a pilsner?

190 HP from an Eclipse? 0-60 in 6.6 seconds?!?!?!

Why are they wearing mulitcolored socks? If smoking isn’t a pleasure, why bother? Notice they aren’t smoking in the picture.