People I admire

This is a hard post to write because I have a much easier time making fun of people than writing good things.

Howard Stern – For being a nerd this guy is really talented.  To be able to go on the air and keep people entertained over the span of 25+ years is remarkable.  He gets the best guests and asks them the best questions.  He likes chess and is turning into a recluse but putting girls on the sybian and hearing Dennis Rodman talk about how he broke his dick for the 2nd time never gets old.  People probably think, “what kind of person still finds this stuff funny?”  I can honestly say that I fit right into the criteria of a Howard Stern listener.

Michael Phelps – This guy deserves a lot of credit.  Way more credit than practically anyone.  He is able to win 8 Gold medals, a feat that no one else was able to accomplish.  So he’s pretty much the best in the world at what he does, a complete statement of dominance.  Not only that but he likes to smoke the reefer.  And not only that he likes to bang strippers.  He had a 3 hour marathon session with 2 random strippers who although i’ve never seen were probably slammin.  So he’s a stoner who bangs strippers and is the absolute best in the world at his events.  He recently lost a couple of races because they were events that he doesn’t usually compete in but he was probably too tired from the whores to give it his best.  The guy seriously owns and it’s a shame he gets so much negative press.  When you say “no one’s perfect”, Michael Phelps takes this as a personal insult.  (I didn’t make that up)

Joe Rogan – I’ve read his blog a couple of time and it’s pretty funny.  Joe Rogan was the host of fear factor but now is the announcer for the UFC.  I really respect this guys knowledge of Ultimate Fighting.  He is a great announcer now because he has put in the work of learning the craft.  There”s not really anything else to write about except I think he does good work.

The Killers – They consistently come out with good music.  I wasn’t always  a huge Killers fan and I’m not really saying I am either but they just have hit after hit after hit.  They have had at least 3 singles come off of their latest album which play on the radio, all of which were decent songs.  I really have nothing to trash them on, Dustland Fairytale is a good song.  Smile like you mean it may be my favorite though.

I could probably come up with some others but I took off from work to go golfing and I’m pressed for time before we start off.  This post doesn’t live up to the hype, my bad.