Same Name, Different Talent

Robert Smith & Robert Smith

The better known Robert Smith is the lead singer of the Cure. The Cure have a cult like following and great songs like Just Like Heaven, LoveSong, and Pictures of you. The other Robert Smith was a running back for the Minnesota Vikings who retired at 28 and in the prime of his career. He does some college commentary on ESPN and picked LSU against Alabama in the regular season of 2011 and won me like 300 bucks, which is why I continue to like him.

Chris Wallace & Christopher Wallace

Chris Wallace reports for Fox news and Christopher Wallace was the Notorious BIG AKA Biggie Smalls AKA Big Poppa AKA The Black Frank White. Chris Wallace has received 3 emmy’s to give him prominence to this prominent list. Biggie died at 24 and that always shocks me because he was able to do so much at such a young age. I sit here at 28 with nothing to show and at 24 he established himself as one of the highest figures in the business. I also liked the parody of these two, which is why it made the list.

Joe Jackson & Joe Jackson & Shoeless Joe Jackson

The first Joe Jackson is famous for the songs “Is She Really Going Out With Him” & “Stepping Out” and is currently the feature of my spotify radio station. It’s Different For Girls is also worth a listen. The next Joe Jackson was the father / manager for the Jackson 5 and most notably Michael and Janet. He’s not the most respectable character as he had engaged in extramarital affairs and abused his children. He’s 83 years of age. Shoeless Joe is probably the least well known. His prime time came in the historic 1919 World Series where he played a role in conspiring with gamblers to help his team lose the Series. Another not so reputable Joe Jackson.

Howard Stern & Howard K. Stern

I listen to the Howard Stern show and I find it so comical how unfavorably biased people are towards him. If you don’t listen to Howard you probably know him as the shock jock who stands for lewd & crude humor. In reality he’s a very honest, hard working individual who speaks the truth about a variety of topics. He just has a bad rap and perhaps in his younger years that was the case, but as he’s matured, he doesn’t deserve the disrespect people show him. Howard K Stern was the attorney for Anna Nicole Smith and the “alleged” father of her child Dannielynn. This turned out to be incorrect and just a ploy for Stern to gain access to the millions of dollars Smith left behind from her cold hearted inheritance from some aging billionaire.