Reader Material

So a reader decided to send me something and said that I could add it to my blog if I wanted to. Naturally I’m pleased that someone wants to help me out with quality material.

“Thought you may find this text message exchange amsuing. This took place yesterday during the work day. Feel free to use this conversation however you see fit.”

Me (11:43 AM): I’m thinking you should come over later tonight.

Her (1:40 PM): If I say I can’t tonight, are you going to use the bat on me? Tomorrow or thursday maybe?

Me (2:17 PM): I won’t be around the rest of the week or weekend after tonight. You’re rolling the dice if you don’t show up tonight…I at least need head.

Her (2:21 PM): So you want me to change my plans so I can give you head? I’ll see what I can do

Me (2:23 PM): My dick can’t suck itself.

Her (2:27 PM): Ok fine
Her (2:52 PM): Plans changed. I’ll see you later tonight

Me (2:53 PM): Nice response.

This is obviously good material and I will be happy to add anything of the likes that show women bending over backwards not to get hit with a bat.