That’s Fine

It’s come to my attention that I use the phrase “that’s fine” on a regular basis. I suppose whenever I agree with something it just turns into a “that’s fine.” It’s one of the those things that you don’t realize you do it until someone points it out and then you realize how often you do it. Nothing more to note other than a phrase that becomes stuck in one’s brain. I actually think the phrase is a fine statement. Maybe I’ll start saying “ok”, “no problem”, “for sure”, “no doubt”, or “absofuckinglutely.”

Pretty ho-hum weekend overall. Got wasted on Friday to the point that I was past the normal point of buzzed. Jkash says that I get so wasted because my sober self is shy with talking to girls and the more I drink, the better I get (in my mind). It’s probably a valid point and getting that smashed doesn’t improve any ability with the ladies. The bombing began when Jeff came over and him and I were the main contributors to killing a 1/5 of this Three Olive RangTang vodka which I don’t think I can recommend as a good alcoholic drink. After some mind erasers at the bar, that’s all she wrote. No incidents though so I must have had some sense of wit to me. I’m sure anyone who saw me would argue otherwise.

Saturday was also a pretty standard. We played Bucks County Country Club in the afternoon and I shot an 84 even with being surrounded by some hackers. Ck4 even managed to card a 13 which was a pretty impressive display of ability. Anyone who plays golf would agree that isn’t easy to do. I was pretty much in play all day and was bombing drives down the middle which made the course play a lot easier. I will say however that I almost drove two par 4 greens (one with a 5 iron) so this certainly isn’t the hardest course out there. Ck4 and I also elected to play a nice course on Sunday called Raven’s Claw. It was voted top 10 in PA by some magazine so we went in looking forward to the round. I ended up with a 104 and he ousted me with a 102. 20 shot swing in a day is a bit bizarre but the difference was just keeping the ball in play. I hit some bomb drives but was just ending up in ditches and different areas of the course. The main difference between hacker courses and nice courses is the rough. You can’t hit 200 yard 5 irons out of the rough on this course and the cabbage was just not fun. I did almost drive a 300 yard par 4 again, but alas, only got a par because I’m a tard. The course was really nice though and even though Chad would say he didn’t think it’s that tough, the greens are surrounded by bunkers, plus tons more fairway bunkers and doglegs make it much more difficult. We even had a funny scenario where a guy in our group duck hooked one into a house and broke the guys window. He gave him 40 bucks, but we were all skeptical because no one heard any glass shatter and we thought the guy was pulling a scam.

I know people probably don’t love my golf posts but I really didn’t do much else this weekend so that’s what I write about. I’m looking forward to 5 days of good living and getting in shape for this half marathon the 3rd week of Sept. I get my tooth put in on Thursday so I survived the 3 months of eating only on my right side. All in all, made it out of this weekend alive and feeling well which is a nice change of pace.