Music Monday – Top 5 REM Songs

I decided to choose the band R.E.M because they have spanned a few decades and have made a lot of good music that I think people just aren’t aware of. Automatic for the People was released in 1992 and is probably in the top 250 albums of all time. Here are my 5 favorite songs by the band.

5. Strange Currencies – Off of the Monster album which was more rock oriented than Automatic but this song brings back the soft feel. Sort of sounds like the song I have as number 1 but I still like the sound.

4. Nightswimming – A song about skinny dipping at night. Just a nice paced song that is good listening.

3. Man on the Moon – Any references to Twister and Risk are good by me. The chorus of “Andy are you goofing on Elvis, Hey Baby” is legit.

2. The Great Beyond – Off of the Man on the Moon soundtrack in 1999. This song was also covered by the Fray. The chorus lifts the song.

1. Everybody Hurts – Great song when your feeling down. The lyrics are moving and I can’t think of a better song when life sucks. Easy #1.