I was talking to my Dad’s friend today and he said that he enjoyed reading my blog and was wondering that if he promoted it, if I could make any money off of it. Now I don’t even like the idea of self promotion let alone other people promoting it. However it got me thinking, yesterday I put up this blogs link on facebook and had the most hits that this site has ever gotten. The only time I ever put the link on facebook is when I think I wrote a worthwhile post and people will be somewhat interested in what I have to say. It’s not easy to continuously write dynamite posts day after day. So then I thought that since I’m only one person with my own ideas, I could offer up to anyone else who might want to write every once in a while. Certainly there is no notoriety to writing on but at least some people read it. I won’t even edit the work. Hell, I was track two English, I can’t edit the work. The way I edit what I write is I read it aloud and when I pause, I add a comma. I did however get an A in General Writing my freshmen year of college. This was because I was schooled up against Pittsburgh kids. To them I was Charles Dickens. While I was reading Great Expectations in middle school, they were reading Green Eggs and Ham.

If you add more people, this could possibly turn into a flourishing website. There could be different themed weeks and some people could do specific subjects. I am far from a talented writer but I think I write some interesting things from time to time. Not to mention if there was anyway to get paid for all this work I put in. 250 posts and not a penny back. Do you have any idea how much time that is? For what, to try to amuse a few people who are interested in my life because there’s must not be too much better? I am serious though that if anyone ever wants to write anything that they think is worth posting, I will happy to do so.

And to add the best song out at the moment.