Weekend Roundup

Saturday morning Primetime had it’s football playoff game. We were the 2 seed and up against the 7 seed. Bake started the game by throwing a pick but was solid after the initial drive. We went into halftime up by 13 I think. This was the team that beat us pretty badly the first time we played them but our defense has improved since then switching from man to zone. Nevertheless they stalled a late 2nd half drive by us and they were down by 8 points and had to go the length of the field with two minutes or so. Naturally they move the ball on us and throw a TD to some chick who was seemingly out of the end zone. It wouldn’t have mattered much though if we could stop their two point conversion. Of course they find a guy wide open in the end zone and next thing we know, it’s sudden death overtime. Our D held strong on their attempt and we got a chance to win it. Bake found the Shee in the end zone to seal the game in a close one. Some highlights… Ck4 caught a bomb early on, Gusto had a nice pick early, Gayle who is more athletic than some of our guys is an offensive weapon. Well played overall and next week will start the 2nd round. Also for the first time this year we had some people go to the bar after the game for some celebratory drinks.

I don’t really have much of interest from the weekend. I got a random # in my phone from Friday night and ended up calling it on Saturday morning at 10 to see what it was. Some girl picks up and we have this hilarious morning conversation where I’m asking how did I meet you and then it was just awkward so I hung up. I texted her my name and to facebook me but nothing came from it. I pretty much just hold my breath in this situation because 2 am girls #’s for me can be ugly. I also had an interesting phone call on Sat morning when a friend told me to bet on Tennessee because of a tip he heard. So I put 200 for him and 200 for myself and watched Tenn cream Ole Miss. I ended up losing the money on PSU and the NFL so this certainly isn’t bragging. I survived both nights successfully and got back to my winning ways in fantasy. As long as Jeremy Maclin goes for less than 20 points, I will have had another 4-0 week which would be 3 in the past 4 weeks. Special thanks to Sam for playing Michael Bush on a bye instead of Kevin Walter or Marshawn Lynch, both of whom would have got you a W. By the way, I believe we are having a vote to get you removed from the league.