Primetime takes it down

Manayunk Sport and Social Football Champs

It was a frigid December day in the mid-afternoon when history was made. In their first season ever of two hand touch football, Primetime found ways to take down the #1 seed The Hill for the championship. In the first meeting the Hill won in a high scoring affair on a last second drive, this time was different. The game opened with them moving the ball down the field all the way to the goal line and on 4th and short the QB threw a pick right to me for the turnover. Bake marched the team right down field and found Gayle in the end-zone for the early lead. The Hill’s next drive was stymied by our towering man in the middle, the shee. With a display of unbelievable athletic ability, the Shee managed to block the Qb’s pass directly upward and then got the pick for the Hill’s second turnover. Bake took the team down the field a second time and found Jess Romano in the end-zone for the early 13-0 lead. The Hill answered with a score of their own to make it 13-6. I think Gayle might have had another TD and we gave up another score and went into halftime 19-13. Bake came out of the halftime making his first mistake when he overthrew Gusto and got picked off. On their 2nd play the QB threw his 3rd pick on an awesome play by Jess Romano where she just took the ball out of their receivers hands. Huge, huge play that really gave us the momentum. I can’t remember exactly how many scores occurred in the progressing minutes but it was a one score game with about 4 minutes left. It was our ball, 4th and long, and on a roll-out, Bake put a perfect pass (Jkash would say he had to go back for it) into Marcedes Kashub for a huge first down. Jkash coming from a shoulder injury didn’t drop a ball that was thrown to him and there was no rust from the downtime. Gusto got in the end-zone and did a ridiculous spike that came from pure excitement, to put us up 2 scores and the Hill QB then threw his 4th int of the game to Gayle. We put on a final TD and won the game in uneventful fashion. I had a lot of fun this season which is something I’d rarely say. It’s a good group of people and we all get along. It’s funny when we play some of these teams and they just constantly bitch at each other and our team really has none of that. Another huge reason we win is because our girls didn’t drop the balls. They were consistent the entire year and Bake is just a really good QB. I’d give out co-MVP’s to Bake for his excellent Quarterbacking and Gayle for superb play game after game and manhandling opposing teams females. Some contributing members who I didn’t mention, CK4 didn’t find the endzone but is quick to point out that it was the first time this season. Evan had a garbage time TD after I got it to the one yard line on my one offensive play of the game. Jeff likes to point out that he never knows where to play. Jess Baker dropped the ball because she was wearing these really woolly gloves and the ball slid right off them. All in all in was a fun time and I look forward to defending the championship next year.