Happy 56th Vanna!

Brookes made me aware of this clip of Vanna White on the Price is Right in 1980. What a beauty at 23. Perfect sun blonde hair, beautiful tan complexion, killer body, it’s no wonder she moved on to better and bigger things. The Get Serious shirt is also fitting. Bob Barker also makes a comment towards the end about her checking herself too often on the monitor. He looks way different 30 years ago as well. I actually watched all 7 minutes of this clip just because and the bidding is absolutely atrocious round after round. She’s one of the worst if you can believe that! Nobody ever bids 1 dollar and they don’t even consider the range of numbers they are getting. Aside from that I’d say she’s suited to turn over letters on Wheel of Fortune. She is noted in the Guinness Book Of World Records as Televisions Most Frequent Clapper. She’s not sky high in my list of hotties but she certainly made a name for herself and has been relevant in the industry for decades.

Her premiere on Wheel of Fortune