Pressure Point

We have this new game called Pressure Point and it’s a pretty entertaining game with lots of laughs. The players will remain nameless to conceal any embarrassment. Basically the game gives you a category and you have 10 seconds to name as many things related to the category as possible. Examples of categories are “things that are green” and “words that rhyme with lip.” The twist of the game is that the other people playing have to guess how many of that particular category the person guessing will name. There’s a point system that’s decent and overall it’s a pretty fun game. So just a few highlights and where the “real” fun in this game comes from. The rules can get hazy because the opposing players are the judge of whether the word should count or not. A few examples of how the game gets heated. Category was rhymes with luck. So Player 1 was rattling a few off and then said “ruck” followed by a lower toned “us”. Now after using his phone it was confirmed that ruck is indeed a word but the person saying it didn’t know this (he would say otherwise). So now if I guessed he would get 6 and he said 7 and ruck was included in that 7, and I start arguing that ruck shouldn’t count because I want to instill firm rules, but the other players think I’m doing it so it benefits me (you get the amount of chips if you guessed correctly the number the player actually got.) So another example was things that are white and Player 2 said the ocean and I was arguing against this and naturally the answer I’m arguing against, if they agreed with my argument, would match what I guessed the player would answer correctly. So obviously you see how this game could lead to people accusing people of manipulating and so forth.

The real highlight of the game came from Player 1 and his answers. Category was cities that begin with R. Once the timer started he was blank for about 5 seconds then blurted out Randolph. When myself and player 2 heard that answer we instantly started cracking up. Towards the end of the ten seconds player 1 also came up with Rhode Island. Just a hysterical round to lead to a clear 0 points with no argument from anyone (the counter you use to guess has a minimum of 1 so the 0 throws everything off.) Literally 1 round later the card that player 1 gets is cities that start with L. I show the category to player 2 and we just instantly start laughing. Player 1 hits go and flips the category over only to come up with Louisiana as his first answer. It really is a hard game though because it puts you right on the spot to start thinking of answers and once you draw a blank it’s hard to get rid of. It’s another game where it’s hard to judge too, like scattergories because one person may know something unique and if the other two don’t, it gets rejected. Fun game though.