Things I don’t understand

Here’s a list of things that I think are stupid and I don’t understand why people do them.  Understand this is a blog too and it’s no fun unless I take a position so don’t get offended if you are an offender.  Also, coming from a JP Morgan Exec, the term position is used to make you sound like you know what you’re talking about.  Also someone alerted me that the word tremendous gets  results.

– Why do people put on their e-brake when they are parked?  Do you know what the E stands for?  Emergency.  From what I know, if your regular brakes are failing, the E brake is another way of slowing down the car.  Parking in a parking lot and putting on your E brake is not an emergency.  I’m not sure how many times your car has magically went from P to anything else but from my experience it isn’t likely.    Doing this actually is damaging because if you let someone else drive your car and they don’t know it’s on then they are driving like a schmuck ruining your transmission.  Just something to think about.

– Professional Sports.  Some people’s lives literally revolve around professional sports and their “home” team.  I can’t get excited for sports unless I have action on the game.  This doesn’t mean I won’t watch sports.  I can completely enjoy drinking beer at a bar and watching a game, any game really.  But I’m not watching it because I want a certain team to win.  I’d rather root for the underdog or some goofball who has an attitude problem.  I just don’t see the allure unless your team is the best.  I’d rather watch knights jousting, gladiators dueling, or some obstacle course with land mines, crossbows, sneak attacks, zip lines, tree houses, you get the idea.  I have no problem with you if you love your team and are a die hard fan, but I just can’t get excited for a Phillies – Padres game in mid season.

The Storm – Can someone please explain to me how to answer this thing.  I feel like my dad when he can’t figure out the difference between Outlook and Internet Explorer.  (And if you use internet explorer you are a nub because Firefox is clearly superior).  The screen is constantly switching from vertical to horizontal and I hang up on people when I want to answer.  I’m already bad with the phone, this newfangled technology just has me scratching my head.  It was only 150 bucks though for the storm and my rates don’t go up that much so I would say it’s  a worthwhile investment compared to the POS I had before.  Now I can feel important.

Song’s that don’t die – Can “just dance” please be wiped off of the face of the earth.  I’ve had enough dancing already.  Plus I’m done being Hot and Cold, however the reason I reference this song is because I think the song “Waking up in Vegas” by her is pretty good.  New Green Day “know your enemy” isn’t good but I like “21 guns”.  And you know what song I never hear played anymore that lasted forever “love song” by Sara Barellis.  I feel like that would be a good Karaoke song because it was played for a year straight and everyone can sing along.

Bike race this weekend.  Last weekend was lousy because I got too hammered both nights.  There is a fine line to how drunk you can get to have a good weekend.  Remembering things that happened but still getting buzzed is the best way but I seem to surpass that point and get obliterated and not remember anything, not good.  Plus I want to post a video and my friend and I are having a beard off with who can go longer without shaving.  I’ll post pics with the progress.