Pornstar redundancy

Did you ever wonder how difficult it must be for pornstars to keep things fresh in their profession? I remember there was this elevator porn with Devon (search it, I’m sure it’s still around) back when I was a freshmen in college that I’ll never forget. I remember thinking how amazing it was to download things at such speed. But she was this tiny 5 ft tall, 20 year old with huge fake tits on a tiny body and she was getting railed and was just squealing like a whore. Anyway, I saw she had a new video out and it just spurred this topic for me. Let’s just say that was 10 years ago I saw her first and now we are 3,650 days into the future. I’d have to guess that she has probably done 500 scenes and probably has gotten railed at least 3,000 time since then. These are just staggering numbers and really turned me off when I consider this. I wonder if she even feels anything any more. The progression is probably so typical. Boy-Girl , Girl-Girl, threesome, black guys, anal, bondage, and then at this point they are so washed up that they will do anything for a buck. This just can’t be that great of a career. I’m sure making money to have sex isn’t the worst profession but other there has to be some level of staleness.

In other news I barely even watched the super bowl. I fell asleep at the end of the 1st quarter. I’m actually glad for Aaron Rodgers because it really shows how good of a QB he is. I also think Big Ben deserves a lot of credit for starting the season the way he did and still leading his team to the super bowl. I didn’t bet on the game even though I would have been right in the pick (documented). I’ve been caught up in my poker game and have been fine tuning my play and finally starting to make some money that is making my efforts worth while. I can’t believe it’s already Feb 7th. Seems like time is just flying by. I will be happy to get out of the winter though as the cold is just starting to bother me. The nice thing about winter though is that it keeps me going to the gym which in turn has me in pretty good shape. I’ve been feeling pretty good about things in general and hopefully there are good things to come.