sheep·ish- adjective
1. embarrassed or bashful, as by having done something wrong or foolish.

I don’t know if everyone knows what this word means but I got to experience it for about 2 hours yesterday playing poker. I was playing at a table with a guy he raises 100% of the pots to 10 dollars. In one hand I made it 25 with AQ over his 10 and 4 people other than him called. The flop came A75 and with 100 in the pot he made it 60 and I pushed my stack which he called. The board ran out bricks and he tabled A2 for an early double up. The big pot happened about 2 orbits later which brought about this post. He made it 10 preflop and I made it 60 which only he called. The flop came 249 all diamonds and I checked to him. He had me covered still by the way and one of my Kings was a diamond. He bet 125 and I called, I had about 350 still behind and the pot got to around 400. I don’t remember the turn but it was a brick and he pushed the river. I thought for about 5 seconds and called thinking this guy usually has any two and my KK could still be good at this point and I probably have an out if I’m wrong. He had actually flopped a flush a flush and I was drawing at 7 outs. The dealer brought me a diamond and it shipped a 1,200 dollar pot my way.

He took the beat very well and I had to sit there feeling like I just completely ratted a huge pot. This isn’t really a fun feeling because the guy has a tendency to not forget a 1,200 dollar pot so fast. Not to mention this guy was a Kimbo looking fellow with a beard about a foot long. This guy was a complete professional though and didn’t berate me or say anything so this process of people getting over this monster pot wasn’t so bad. Nevertheless, I have the feeling of an undeserved 1,200 dollars in my wallet. So my Saturday 3 hour session resulted in a 770 dollar profit which I’m happy to deposit in my bank account. I’ll take it.