Random Shit

Evan has mentioned this before but I see it time and time again and it is mind boggling. I saw two car accidents on the way to work today. One live and the other’s aftermath. When you see someone get into a car accident the instinct is to look and see what happened. When you do this you completely fuck up traffic. I literally saw a bro with his head out the window, 180 degrees, looking at some swirling police lights and a car underneath someones bumper. I don’t get the fascination with accidents. It’s one thing if you see it happen to stop and make sure everyone is OK. It’s another to become wildly engrossed in the accident that you forget you are driving and create another retarded accident. To top it off, police do idiotic things in handling accidents. It will be a 2 lanes and rather than move the accident somewhere off road or something they will completely block traffic. Then you can’t flip them off or yell at them because they are the police.

If you go to the gym, seriously, put on deodorant. I went yesterday because it was raining out and there was only one treadmill open and as I walked behind the person to get on it, there was this stench of completely foul BO. I was tearing up using the machine. I’m glad it’s summer now because I hate going to the gym because of all the stupid characters there. There are meat heads, chatty kathy’s, and can’t forget there’s that one girl who I know, but hate, but she thinks we’re friends so I have to spend my whole time staying to the complete opposite side of the gym to avoid her at all costs because saying hello would make her think we’re friends.

I watched Jerry McGuire, Cape Fear, and Point Break recently. I’ll give mini reviews if you care. It was the first time I’d seen Jerry. I thought Laurel’s character was really good. Renee didn’t bother me at all and I thought Tom Cruise was decent. Overall I liked the movie and the end was a poignant scene that almost brought a tear.

Cape Fear was entertaining. I’m not sure why Robert DeNiero can take lead pipes all over and not feel it. Juliette Lewis was such an idiot that I was hoping she’d get it by the end. The mom wasn’t that hot but I thought Nick Nolte was pretty good. Nothing amazing but decent movie.

Point Break was entertaining but unrealistic. For being made in 1991 I think they did a really good job. Keanu is an emotionless tool but he didn’t bother me too much. I hate Lori Petty and Patrick Swayze I thought played the part well. Towards the end it just got stupid but I thought it was OK for most of it. I thought the same thing about Taken. It was good for an hour and then when it came time to wrap it up it just got way out of hand. Why are they tying Liam up around a pipe that he can easily break?

If you haven’t seen any of the movies I don’t really recommend any of them but they just seemed like movies that you should see to be part of society.