Out of Touch

People who don’t get email to their phone are out of touch. I’m actually really surprised at the frequency some people check their email. Once or twice a day doesn’t cut it. Unless you are a student or have nothing going on in your life, you don’t have any excuse to not have your email at your fingertips at all time. Am I upset at you if you don’t get your email to your phone? Obviously not but I’m making it quite clear that if your phone doesn’t have e-mail capabilities, you need a new phone. If your phone looks like this,

you need a new phone. Especially if you are working for a company that sends email (which one doesn’t?). There is just no excuse not to be in touch. Email is different than texting because someone doesn’t have to have your number to contact you. You make your email more widely known than your telephone number. If you are making a point to avoid making this technological leap, I’m advocating the jump. Don’t be left behind.

From my experiences, my blackberry was better at receiving emails. Meaning it seemed to receive the emails with no delay. The web browsing was horrific though. With my Droid X, there is definitely a delay. Not only that but I had to set it up so my work mail gets forwarded to my gmail and that is what makes it take a while. I also want to note that even though I’m fully available with calls, texts, and emails, that doesn’t mean that I have to respond to everything as soon as it hits my phone. I’m a complete asshole when it comes to responding and I know it. That’s why even though I don’t like the constant communication, its better to be informed and turn a blind eye than to just be blind. This is not gospel, just my two cents.