RnningFool’s Running Group in Philly

CK4 and I like to think of ideas about what type of business to start. Say I want to start a running network within Manayunk. I create a webpage and tell people that I’m looking to train for some race and anyone who wants to run with the elite Tom Stortz can do so. So I start small, maybe get a few people who just need something to do. Then I start growing with more members because I create a forum on my website and actively participate. As we grow I start expanding the area outside of Manayunk. Next thing you know, I’ve created a network of people who like to run, they like me because I’m awesome, and they come to my website because I keep people up to date on new shoes, places to run, good dieting, etc. Now I have tons of people coming to my website and I start selling ads to runner’s world and the like and now I’ve created a business with the simple idea of giving people information. Plus everybody would make guest shout outs in my blog and I’d stay in great shape like always. Who wants to go running with me?

Now just to go one step further on my running bio. My time of 60:15 two years ago in the Broad Street run was good for 170th or so out of 25,000. I got 3rd place in last year’s Philly Mud Run out of 1,500. I did the Half Marathon in 1:19 something which was probably my best effort. I recently broke my ankle but am mostly healthy now. I have horrible feet that blister up so a half marathon is about the extent of my mileage. I’m ready to start going on longer runs and getting in shape for the Sea Isle 10 miler. I will also be doing Phils 5k. I’m a great running partner who knows time for talking and time for running. The main problem would be the pace as not everyone is at my level but if money is involved, I can make the situation work.