Philly Boob Girl

Philly Boob Girl expressing that girl's should be able to go topless.

Philly Boob Girl expressing that girl’s should be able to go topless.

I should have a picture of my actual encounter with boob girl but this story will have to do to help me explain. As I was driving down 3rd I turned my head to the right and saw a girl with exposed breasts right outside Starbucks. She had pasties on her boobs and they weren’t exactly 10 out of 10’s so it wasn’t a pretty sight. I sort of did a double take and wondered if there was some parade going on but there wasn’t. She then looked directly at me and I had no idea what an appropriate reaction was. It didn’t seem right to me to stare and I got the feeling that she’d flip me off if I kept looking at her shirtless. Thankfully the light turned green and I sped off without a second thought. A day later I told Jeff about it and he informed me boob girl was protesting something or another and yadda yadda no one cares.

Why is it ok for guys to go shirtless and girls are not allowed? The same reason that as a society we hide body parts that can come in different sizes. We hide dongs so people don’t get embarrassed by size which makes perfect sense to me. Everyone knows girls make fun of penis sizes because they can. You’d think this would apply to boobs as well. If a girl is walking around with perfect 10’s, I’m sure society would marvel at her and tell her to keep on keeping on. She keeps her top on to protect the 95% of the rest of world from humiliation. I know the argument would be that only the people who want to can, but this still unleashes unwanted tits to the public’s view because ugly boobs can still want to come out to dance. Just because guys can take there shirt off doesn’t mean they do. Do you see 400lb bro’s flaunting their tits in public?

Philly boob girl has a screw loose. Breasts are magical and by exposing them all the time their allure diminishes. I don’t take my dick out because I want to feel comfortable. If everyone started whipping their dicks out you’d have an increased number of rapes, bizarre hard on sightings, people getting hit by accident, and STD’s would be much more prevalent. We cover our goods because it’s a smarter way of doing. Boobs are covered and it has hardly been a hindrance for hundreds of years, don’t protest something that isn’t a problem. There are places for her called nudist colonies where she’s more than welcome. Don’t damage our society with unwanted breasts.