So Evan and Adam invited me to the Phillies game which I replied “I would go if you didn’t have anyone else who wanted to go more.” None of us really knew what that meant so I went. We got Campo’s for dinner and I had a chicken cheese steak. It was a greasy, pretty decent, overpriced sandwich but the ones that come out of Market St are far superior. While walking to our seats we made a bet that involved us choosing 2 players, and if our chosen player hit a home run, then the other two owed the person whose guy hit the home run 2 bucks. The game was just underway at the time. So Adam got Howard and Ibanez, Evan got Bruce and Rolen, and I chose Votto and Werth. As we are walking to our seats we hear “that was a sweet spot for Votto.” So before we even arrived at our seats I had a dinger from Votto and was up 4 bucks. J Roll’s theme song was “Teach me how to Dougie” so Adam learned how to dougie which is always a good experience. No one there really knew how to so we’ll all just assume it hasn’t caught on yet.

In the middle of the 5th Evan and I decided to go meet Jess Baker and Rachel at the speed pitch. While we were walking to meet them I asked him “how do we greet them, a hug, a in close wave….?” So when we got there I gave Rachel a sideways hug and just stood there and said hello to Jess. I think Jess reads this and I think it’s funny to write about it so next time I see her there’s something to talk about. After that we did speed pitch. I’ve said before that I have some accuracy problems and they were obviously on display. They give you three throws. I can throw pretty hard but when the first two bounce half way before they radar and the last one is so wild it registered at 21, it’s pretty embarrassing. I’m going to seek out a speed pitch and redeem myself sometime in the near future. We then got some 6 dollar milk shakes and went back during the start of the 8th. Phils were up by one in the ninth when Lidge blew the save and they ended up winning it with a walk off homer by Schneider in the 12th. Considering I only go to 1 or 2 games a year, it was certainly a good one to see.

I actually enjoyed the experience despite all the trash talking I do about professional sports and how dumb it is. The Cohen’s are good company for the game even though they are all friends with words (even their dad). The other amazing thing was that I didn’t have a beer all night and didn’t even feel the need to. We’re coming along nicely. I took one picture at the game and it’s really bizarre how far down the moon is to the field. I couldn’t believe it at first but sure enough…