I have a sense of humor about this even though I know how bad it looks on me personally. I listened to a message today that I got one of the weekend nights and all I hear is Jkash saying through garble “that’s a bad idea, Skip, bad bad idea.” It’s completely embarrassing that I’m still doing this nonsense at 26 but it is what it is. Also I try to save a professional reputation but seriously all of this stuff I write in here comes off in a bad light. If it was just my friends who read this I could care less but when you open yourself up to the public, anyone can read and then judge. So even with knowing that, I still will be candid and share. And I saw this on my Dad’s TCB list so if my mom or dad read this, it wasn’t your fault raising me, this is just Tommy being Tommy.

Submitted by the Sheee (he didn’t give me permission but I’m pretty sure there are no copyright issues with this)

I was bruised and battered I couldn’t tell what I felt
I was running home all by myself
I saw my reflection in the snow bank, didn’t know my own face
Wagon why did you leave me alone in the place
On the streets of Philadelphia

I limped up green lane til my legs felt like stone
I heard voices of roommates vanished and gone
Come morning I saw blood all over my head
Guess I’m lucky I didn’t end up dead
On the streets of Philadelphia

Aint no angel gonna greet me
It’s just booze and I my friend
My shoes must not fit me no more
I ran all the way home, just to slip and fall…