Top 5 Family Guy Characters

family-guy-star-wars-wallpaperFamily Guy is my go to show when I’m looking for something to watch and don’t have a lot of time.  I have seen most of the episodes and never feel committed to watching a full one.  I don’t mind picking them up in the middle either which is a huge plus.

The show takes criticism for using too many cut away jokes but I don’t see what the big deal is.  If it’s funny, it’s funny.  The later seasons have been a step down from the middle seasons when the show hit its full stride and Seth MacFarlane still cared about the show.  As the seasons went on, Seth got bigger than the show and the new writers didn’t create content as well as Seth did.  This is my theory anyway.  Considering I’ve watched almost every episode and still watch them to this day, I wanted to highlight my top 5 characters of the show.  Some characters are just guaranteed to bring a laugh.


5.  Peter Griffin

family guy neverending story peter griffin tv series 1680x1050 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_2It’s hard not to put Peter at #1 but he has too many moments in general that his unfunny moments collide with his gems. Peter is what makes the show go and his incompetence is what allows many of the jokes to be as funny as they are. I will always laugh at Peter on Redbull.


4. Mort Goldman

Mort GoldmanI couldn’t find good Mort clips on Youtube but he’s your stereotypical Jew.  Family Guy constantly uses hilarious Jewish jokes that can be run through Mort.

“Please flush the toilet twice – once for the bulk, again for the remainder, thank you!”



3. Dr. Hartman

tewgewhgwsThe bumbling doctor is always good for a laugh.  His uncertainty in his profession leads to hilarity every time there is a health issue.  I also loved when he was talking to Carter Pewterschmitt.

LOIS GRIFFIN: Peter, did you take care of that…
PETER GRIFFIN: What? Oh, my growth! Yeah, I had the doctor looking at it.
DOCTOR HARTMAN: Mr. Griffin, that isn’t your growth, that’s your penis.
PETER GRIFFIN: What about the…


2. John Herbert

HerbertHerbert the pervert deserves all time legendary status. There is no line he recites without some sort of gay, little boy connotation. He’s hilarious.

“Don’t you mouth off to me or I’ll slap you right in the penis.”


1. Stewie

hqdefaultThe lines I like most are spoken by Stewie. I like how he started off as a baby trying to take over the world and adapted into a gayish intellectual. I particularity the interaction between Stewie and Brian and they amp up the show when they get together. Seth MacFarlane must feel like a mad man talking to himself like that.  Peter-Stewie conversations are equally amusing.

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