Broken Ankle Xray Update

I went to an orthopedic specialist today and he confirmed it was a break. The good news though was that I don’t need to have surgery and I don’t even need a cast. They put me in a walking boot which I will most likely have to wear for 4 weeks. I think all in all this was relatively good news. I still need to rest it though and walking on it still isn’t happening but at least I can shower now with some regularity. I took a bath last night for the first time in so many years and basically had my one leg sprawled out of the tub and it was completely uncomfortable and washing myself with my own water still had me grossed out. Luckily I made it out of there alive and no further damage or slips. I have a follow up appointment in a week but for now we begin the healing process.

In an unrelated / sortof related topic, I find the percosets to not really have too much of an effect and I don’t understand why people who aren’t injured like them so much. I’ve noticed that my mouth seems to always have cotton mouth which seems to be an effect of the pain killers. In one bizarre dream sequence, after I took a percoset and fell asleep, I felt like I had a female robot voice trying to jerk me off. I’ve never in my life had a dream like that and it was pretty wild so maybe the percoset had an effect and if so, maybe I’m wrong on why people like them so much.