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In order to get a lot of attention, a topic must be about something that everyone cares about it. With millions of subjects to choose from, it’s not surprising that there are only a few constants. Anyone who is good at marketing will recognize these and probably be able add more. The topics are death, killing, sex, and money.



death_skull_bonesThe greatest mystery of life.  What happens after you die?  No one knows the answer to this and it will continue to be the best asked question in the universe aside from how was everything created.   An interesting facet about death is that people will judge you on how you die.  If you live to be 85 and die of old age, thumbs up.  If you die at 45 with a needle in your arm, people label you as a drug addict.  Suicide is intriguing but not respected.  Not dying is the #1 life priority in my book and thus deserves much attention.  MLK wouldn’t approve of my last sentence.

[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″]A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live. – MLK




murder_mystery-puzzleKilling get eyeballs because people have to ask, what were the motives?  What drove them to this ultimate extreme?  Not surprising that killing leads to the #1 topic people care about most, death.  The most famous murder trial, OJ Simpson, garnered the attention of 100 million citizens when the verdict was read.  The topic becomes elevated when you understand that 99% of people don’t admit to killing because society frowns upon death.  So determining whether someone killed something is half the fun.  This starts to involve lying, trickery, and general slippery nature which draws people in as well.  How many popular TV shows revolve around killing?



Making people relate to sex is a wonderful mind spinner.  The thought of sex plays on the human mind more than any other topic.  Anytime a man looks at a woman his first thought is how does she look?  Why does he care how she looks?  Only one reason, would I have sex with her?  Sex sells.  Look at this YouTube thumbnail.  You think fails get 4 million views?


The other point is that you need visual comparisons to equate to yourself so you have to pay attention to what is going on.  If this guy is landing this girl, then you must be doing something wrong.  Sex than starts selling into your physical appearance, what clothes you wear, and general life philosophy.  Using sex to play with the human mind is one of the most effective techniques to sales.



He looks helpful

He looks helpful

You need money in this world to survive.  If you don’t have it you live under an overpass and eat 99 cent cheeseburgers if you’re lucky.  Telling people that you can improve their financial position puts the mouse wheel in motion.  Want to make 1,000 dollars working from your desk?  Most people would answer yes and continue listening.  Money makes the bottom of this list because there are some people that don’t care about money because they either have enough of it or don’t feel they need more of it.  Most people aren’t so lucky.

  1. [dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″]Too many people spend money they earned..to buy things they don’t want..to impress people that they don’t like. –Will Rogers[/dropcap]



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What Am I Saying Behind Your Back?

Cat Talking Behind Back

The most interesting thing that I can blog about are reality and people. Posts that go into what people think about other people is where thought provoking details lie. This was made especially evident to me while watching the Change Up with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. The two characters switch roles ala Parent Trap and live the others life. It’s not a particularly great movie, but the parts that I thought were the best were when other characters were speaking the truth to the switched up Bateman and Reynolds without realizing it. Bateman and Reynolds always left those conversations with a clearer perspective of who they were that they couldn’t have gotten by being themselves. It showed how people talk truthfully about other people behind their backs and how one might feel if they heard these types of discussions forthrightly. It was almost like a light bulb for me and what types of information excites people.

I didn’t touch on the reality point above but I will show how that aligns with people. People crave reality. It’s why I’d rather watch a live game of croquet instead of a baseball game which I already know the results of. The idea of bringing reality to people sounds simple but it’s much more challenging than you think. I read the fictional book The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman and he understands the reality aspect far better than myself. The Visible Man is about a scientist who created a cloaking suit and would spy on people without their knowledge. The essence of the suit is so he could watch people without them acting any differently than they would if they knew they were being watched. It’s obvious that reality TV isn’t reality TV once people know they are being filmed. This book yearned for that realness of people. This understanding that people act differently than who they are is what I think is the significance of this post.

Does everybody act inconsistently? Are you molded by what people say? Are you really you or someone who you conceived? I was working out at the Art Museum steps the other day and an overly strong Asian man rode up on his Yamaha bike, parked it in front of the steps, and sat down with his head phones on. I must note that the Art Museum steps are rarely empty and there are hundreds of people walking up and down on an hourly basis. He didn’t move for the duration of my work out and two thoughts entered my mind: 1) Is he being himself and parking his bike there hoping people notice him because he’s an insecure person looking for attention or 2) Does he not give a fuck. Then I asked myself why did I feel the need to work out in front of tourists? Did I need the attention? After some deliberation I honestly believed that I was there strictly for the workout. My life philosophy is to be me.

If you are shaped by trying to impress other people or acting under a false persona, you won’t know yourself. Is that one of the most important meaningful keys to life? I do think it’s up there. People need reality. They want to know the truth. You can’t trust people who aren’t truthful to themselves. The truth is what sells. I’ve even started to find history books fun to read. Understanding reality separates good ideas from bad ones. The next part of this discussion is action.

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