How to Park

This is going to sound obvious but, seemingly, most people don’t understand. I’m not sure that’s how to use seemingly but what the hell. I’ve enclosed a diagram to help me out with my points.

I’m aware this is a crude diagram. I’m also aware this should be self explanatory. However, people seem to forget the simple rules to park between the lines. Let me explain what happens in both situations when you don’t park within in the line. In the parking lot, when someone is either on the yellow line or over the yellow line it does one of two things; 1) One person takes up two spots 2) Two cars try to fit in 1 3/4 spots, thus creating a squeeze effect. This is both problematic to the cars and a nuisance.
When you are on the street and have to park back to front, there are obviously no lines (usually). This creates all sorts of problems because most people have a fear of parallel parking so spots start to become loose. What I mean is that there are spots that should be spots, but because the parking gets all out of whack from people not properly pulling up close enough to the person in front of them, there become spots that can’t fit cars. This is extremely annoying and selfish because the person who parks is only thinking about themselves and are happy to have a spot, fuck everyone else. I know this is pretty dumb but people can’t seem to understand how to park.

On a side note, the WaWa on Belmont Ave is the worst parking lot I’ve ever encountered. It’s too tight and when it gets filled, they just lose customers because it’s such a nightmare. If you can find a spot, you essentially have to back out into 8 feet of space while avoiding all other people coming in and out.