I know I haven’t been updating this as frequently as I was earlier, but I still was in line for the most posts ever for a month in August. I’m pretty much built on routine and when I alter from the routine, sometimes things don’t get done and this blog is one of them. My routine is to write these entries before I go to sleep on a Monday-Thursday basis and anything else I do is just additional. Since I’ve changed this, I don’t really find time to write. There’s no real good reason for the change except that sometimes I find that what I post is interesting to my readers, and other times I think I just don’t have much to say. This recent few weeks have been the latter.

As of late I’ve been waking up earlier and going to sleep earlier. This means that I’ve been spending more time at work and less time for things that I’d rather be doing. I’ve been waking up at 6:30 to beat any sorts of traffic which I know is just going to get worse once next week rolls around. Then when I get home I’ve been running longer runs which just take up more time. So by the time I eat it’s already later than 7 and I’ve been playing a lot of poker so that’s been occupying my free time and the blog has been pushed aside. I think it’s fairly obvious why I push it aside and it’s the reason why 90% of people don’t have a blog. It takes a fair amount of time and effort for virtually no reward. It actually might have a negative effect because anyone who reads this knows exactly what I’m thinking and I’m an open book. So I just wanted to justify to anyone who visits this page on a daily basis for why I’ve had a lack of updates and to assure you that I’m not quitting my blog, but I just can’t update as routinely as I may like.

So enough complaining, I’ll actually bring some material to this post. My family went out to dinner for Sam’s B-day on Monday and I have a thing with sitting in the bar by myself. I’m a punctual person and plan my schedule around being punctual, so I always err to the early side than the late whereas my dad is the other way around. This brings me situations where I’m the first person there waiting on the group to arrive. So I get to the restaurant where we are going to eat about 15 minutes early and I’m acutely aware that I’m going to be sitting at the bar alone with this uncomfortable feeling. So I get to the parking lot and rather than just barge right in, I hem and haw in my car for a minute or two, check my phone, things to reduce the amount of alone bar time. Eventually I go in and take a seat and order a drink and then I just sit there watching TV acting as normal as I can. Striking up conversation with random 50 years old’s isn’t my style so I just sit and drink my beer. I know that that’s what people do all the time, just go to a bar and have a drink without any social interaction but I just feel uncomfortable sitting and doing nothing when everyone around you all know each other and act like best friends. I would never have the feeling of being by myself and wanting to go to the bar to have a few drinks just for the interaction. I’d prefer to just drink by myself than to meet and greet the regulars. Eventually the group came and the story ends but I just wanted to share my feelings on drinking alone at the bar.

Another interesting topic was that my sister’s bf sent me an article on how Old City was becoming an area of sloppiness and debauchery and considering we own a building in Old City, this was of interest. Hilariously enough at one point the article was pointing out how the business crowd had been replaced with skanks and guys in cargo shorts and untucked polo’s. I had to laugh a second because I’m pretty sure I fit the description to a tee. Not only in the attire but the crowd they were describing was about people looking for cheap drink specials to get completely bombed out of their mind. So after reading it I had to agree that the article was spot on and that I was one of the people who was helping to create that atmosphere. Certainly something I’m not proud of when they correlate this to dropping real estate prices in this specific area.

Aside from these two barely amusing thoughts, things have been fine and I’ve been feeling good. Works been a little slow but considering this is the last vacation week, it’s to be expected. I have a few ideas for posts in the works so hopefully I will be able to supply some captivating material which has been alluding me.