Life is Good

I haven’t wrote (written?) anything in about a week. It’s not that I can’t. I think of stupid shit every day that could be blog material. I could fill you in on every detail of my life. I went to the Billy Joel-Elton John concert last Thursday. I sat section 114, row 7, seat 10. I wanted to hear Mona Lisa’s by Elton and River of Dreams by Billy. Billy came through, Elton sadly, did not. Billy played Zanzibar and it has become one of my favorites. On Friday I told a girl I loved her when in reality I loved her in that moment. That really isn’t love and I tend to say some incredible things after 8 hours of drinking. A girl who I met 2 weeks before told me her name for the 3rd time and to this day I still can’t remember it. There’s more to this story but it’s left to someone elses recollection. Saturday we drove down the shore at 2pm and stood in a completely packed OD bar to see Go Go Gadget and some other band who I didn’t know. You don’t see that kind of atmosphere everyday. I did a 4 horseman after doing a 3 wiseman the night before just to instill in my mind what a man’s shot is. I spent more money on alcohol this weekend than some families spend on food in a month. This is my alcohol filled weekend. I had a tremendous time and the mere hangovers don’t compete with the amount of fun during the binge. Some people can read this and say that it’s really sad that you need alcohol to have fun. All I can respond with is that books and movie theaters don’t float my boat. Give me a buy one get one free happy hour any day.

Should I feel that this is blogworthy and when I get a chance the next day I have to “blog about this.” I don’t because there is a reflection period after things that you do that requires consideration. Or remembering, whichever comes first. I don’t feel that this is a medium to share my life. Everyone has there own life, mine’s not anymore interesting than yours. I go to work 5 days and then party it up on the weekends. I’ll continue to write down my thoughts though. Things that I see that need to be corrected. Things that I have to brag about because I’m better than you at it. Things that you maybe wouldn’t see because you aren’t looking at them from my far fetched point of view.

I may be a complete goof on the weekends, I will not deny this absolute truth. But I do hold certain values, a code if you will. (I’ve been watching too much Dexter) I am honest. If I’m thinking it, then you’ll know it. I’m trustworthy. I usually won’t spill the beans. I have to apologize to Baker about giving up the info about the toothbrush, but it was too funny too keep in. If you such a smart guy though, wouldn’t you just replace it? The number 1 rule though, is to enjoy life. Right now I really have no worries. I have little responsibilities and like it that way. I do as I please and am just trying to enjoy it while it lasts (my youth not my life). I got lucky to be born into a family where I have a family business job that pays me ok. I have nice shelter, a fine car, and good friends who put up with my shit. I do work hard but I don’t take everything that has been giving to me for granted. At this point in my life I am really just trying to live it up. This will assure me to continue doing unbelievably stupid and ridiculous things, but isn’t that what life’s about? No one remembers the lame sober night, but no one forgets frost bite, post offices, and root canals.