What I did on my Weekend

I left work a bit early on Friday to drive to the shore and play golf at Cape May National. It was Ck4, Baker and I and the first time I’d played the course in many years. I was pretty impressed with the layout of the course and it certainly was a challenging one. There was heather all over the place and if you didn’t keep your shots in play, the numbers were going to add up quickly. I was 43 on the front (1st hole mulligan) and felt like I was playing pretty well. My irons were on point and my short game was better than it’s been recently. I couldn’t get off the tee at all because I’ve developed this duck hook which came into play big time on the back. I ended up with a 54 on the back which probably consisted of about 5-6 lost balls. If I would have used my 5 iron off the tee instead of the driver, this all may have been avoided. It was still a fun round though but I was pretty discouraged to shoot high 90’s with a 43 on the front. I’d give the course about an A- for value and playability.

After golf we drove to sea isle. I probably had about 6 beers before we went out and a gulp of Smirnoff that I immediately regretted after I did it. I was fine though and we went to the OD for a decent time. A funny correlation was made when Baker was saying how much classier and attractive the girls are in Avalon. What he wasn’t taking into consideration is as the class and attractive level go up, the chances of scoring go way down. Personally I don’t really mind the Sea Isle crowd. So I woke up on Saturday, had a few beers, mixed some Vodka and Gatorade to bring to the beach and enjoyed a nice beach day. At around 5 we went to the OD for their no shower happy hour and I probably had another 5-6 beers. I met this one girl who was apparently by herself and I ended up buying her a shot and she was holding my hand through the dance floor so I figured this should be an easy conversion. However when I tried to dance with her from behind she just kind of wasn’t into it so I figured if she’s not going to dance like a slut then my chance with her probably isn’t that great. So I failed on that and went back to the place. After that not to much eventful took place and I passed out at 9pm not to be awoken until 9am. So I pretty much wasted a night out there but it’s for the best because nothing bad happened. I did jack shit on Sunday and now it’s back to Monday. I actually did play in the Sunday Mill yesterday and finished in 1700 when 1260 cashed. I had AK lose to 9T that would have almost guaranteed me making the money. I feel like I play well but get nothing to show for it time and time again.

For the Sunday TV recap. Entourage was average again. I don’t mind the whole Ari – Lizzy thing. The Turtle side plot is really dumb and I’m going to keep pointing it out. I don’t really mind them bringing Billy back but the Drama cartoon is sort of stupid even though I like Drama. True Blood was a pretty good episode. I’m not going to go to much into it but I like what they are doing with Crystal and that side and not really giving away too much info. The Eric Northman – Russell showdown should be good. I think the question to what is Sookie isn’t too bad either. I just think it’s a really good show with many good storylines. I’ve also continued to watch the Ocho show. He finally got some action from one of the girls and then ends up kicking her off. He’s doing a decent job of weeding them out and I’m hoping Tara pulls it off because she’s easily the most entertaining.

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People are whining that I haven’t wrote a post in a few days which is fine but I try not to flood the site with pointless material, even though everything’s pretty much pointless on here, but at least I feel like the material has some entertainment value when I want it to. I really can’t write much about the weekend because I don’t remember all that much. I’m actually a little disappointed with myself because I’m still playing with fire and it’s only a matter of time before I get burned again. I woke up on Sunday with a bath towel covering me instead of a blanket which as a Baker said “was odd.” We played golf on Saturday and I was pretty hungover and then started drinking on the course which had me spraying balls all over the place. I thought I hit the ball pretty well but when you give away 8 strokes from penalties off the tee you can’t score well. Apparently I picked up two girls numbers over this weekend but the one Jkash reminds me of, I don’t really recall. The second was some Asian girl who wasn’t bad but the communication barrier was a bit tricky. My real problem is that I make a good impression on people after 6 beers but tend to move into creep mode after about 15. CK4 tells me my moves at Mad River on Saturday were ineffective and creepy more so than anything suave. This is actually causing me to give some thought to developing a device to limit the amount of alcohol. Or I could just attain celebrity status with the idea told to me by multiple people to just wear a camera on my head when I go out. Jkash’s comments of not only would the footage be dynamite (taio shout out) but the interaction with people with a camera on my head would be priceless. I also want to put Hafer’s name in this paragraph just so he doesn’t feel left out.

Standard Sunday Tv night as well with True Blood, Entourage, and the Ocho show. I found True Blood to be a bit slow and the gay scenes are really not what I want to be watching. Entourage was sub par and I really hate writing that I dislike the Turtle plot lines but I’m going to keep at it just to hammer the point home. Ocho was entertaining as usual as you get a glimpse of how catty some girls can be. I really like Tara as well because I feel like there is nothing going through her brain, and she talks like nothing is going through her brain, but she has some pretty witty zingers.

Some other news that no one cares about. I finished 16th out of 1906 people in a 20 dollar tourny when my tens lost to another person’s tens. I ran pretty well but I think it’s pretty evident that my poker game is starting to find some success. Just navigating fields that big and coming up with a spot to potentially take it down should be a bright spot of things to come. Here’s some music too that I find pretty good at the moment.

Pop music that will hit the airwaves in full force I would assume.

New Anberlin

Old Anberlin

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