Times Square and Wall St

Yesterday my dad, Jeff, Sam and I went to NYC to go on a tour of Wall Street and to see Times Square. Pretty much like a field trip for the company. We left at 7:15, felt some traffic, and eventually arrived there at the tour 15 minutes late. Traffic is awful there obviously and I was doing the driving. If I can drive in NYC without any incidents, I’m pretty sure I can drive anywhere in the world. The tour of Wall St was pretty interesting and we saw buildings like the Trump Tower, AIG, Goldman, the Fed, and finally we saw the aftermath of the World Trade Centers. Quote of the day goes to Sam when he was using the video camera and giving commentary when he was shooting the Goldman Sachs building and said “Here’s the Morgan Sachs building, no that’s wrong, here’s the Golden Sachs building.” Pretty brilliant stuff. The tour guide was raving about the book ‘Too Big too Fail’ so I went out and bought on his* recommendation. He also made an interesting comment about the Skyscraper Theory which was saying that whichever nation is building the tallest Skyscraper in the world, bad things are ahead economically.

We ate lunch at some cafe and then drove through Times Square. Personally I wouldn’t recommend driving through as it’s pretty much chaos. We saw the Nasdaq and then stopped in the ESPN zone for a beer. Apparently all the ESPN zones are shutting down, at least that’s what the bartender told us. We left at about 3:30 and took the Lincoln tunnel out of there not hitting too bad of traffic. My dad loves to be a back seat driver always pointing out which lane is moving faster or where I should be turning next. Whenever he does I’m tempted to just put the car in park and just get out and let him drive (which he doesn’t want to do). I’ve been to New York now a couple of times and I always leave with the same thought of it being too crowded and just a tough atmosphere to do things. Parking is outrageous at something like 30 bucks for 2 hours or so. I would never have any urge to move there. I took some pictures with my phone just to verify that I actually went.

The New York Stock Exchange

Here’s AIG’s replica building of it’s building

If you look closely you can see the show being taped in the Nasdaq building

True Blood

Entourage w/ a nice Toy Story 3 ad in there

Mary Poppins & Lion King billboard WTF!