Nineties TV shows and Video Games

I wanted to make a post about growing up in the nineties.  I can’t really remember anything about the eighties because I was only alive in them for 6 years.   This will be a nostalgia post and I will hopefully bring up everything that was grand during that time period.

I watched a lot of TV growing up.  I watched Nickelodeon like it was my job.  Doug (there was something about this show), Hey arnold (lost its allure when Geralds voice changed), Salute your Shorts (I remember Ugh, butnick, donkeylips, tele, the geek and beauty queen dina I think), Wild and Crazy Kids (I used to really like to this show), Hey Dude (I loved Melody or melanie and I’m pretty sure it’s Ben Stiller’s wife now), Guts (mona was hot although I didn’t realize it), and there was some arcade show on at 6 in the morning which I used to really like but would hardly ever get to watch.  I also had a ridiculous crush on Alex Mack from the Secret world of Alex Mack.

Then there were those classic shows like Saved by the Bell and Full House which I must have watched every episode multiple times because they played 2 episodes of both every day for probably ten years straight.  I was obsessed with GI Joes and had all the figures and the fortress and vehicles and everything.  Voltron was my favorite but I never really got into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but I’m sure I’ve seen my share of episodes.

I also played way too many video games.  I’ll start with Nintendo and work from there.  We played Tecmo Super Bowl, Baseball Stars, Battletoads, Olympic Summer games, honestly I played so many games I can’t even think of them all.  Then I got Genesis where I spent time playing games I can’t remember.  Then Playstation where I played all the Resident Evils and Crash Bandicoots and tons of other games.  I used to import games from Japan which were all in their foreign language and try to play them by holding the button in the back left of the Playstation down with tape.  Electronics Boutique had to change their policies on returning games because we would by the games play them for a month or 10 days and then return them for a new game.  We treated EB like a blockbuster.  Why we didn’t go to blockbuster and just rent them was beyond me but I think there was coolness factor of going to the mall by yourself when you were in middle school.   Then Dreamcast where I had Virtual Tennis and NBA 2k.  Then I bought a 64 specifically for Bond.  I played this game a ridiculous amount and we would play the complex, 4 way, for hours on end.  Perfect Dark was better than Bond I don’t really care what anyone says, there really is no argument.  I know I missed out on so many bad ass games but I will edit it when they come to my mind.

It’s pretty pathetic that all I can remember from the nineties are television shows and video games but aside from intramural sports and school I’m pretty sure that’s all I really did.