Near Death Experience

While on the road I encountered a near death experience. Well actually it was an avoidance of a near death experience. Basically I was making a left hand turn across a two lane road and there was an Indian man, in the near lane of oncoming traffic, who thought he was being generous by waving me to turn in front of him. He had 2 cars behind him (that he was stopping) that made it hard for me to see across into the far lane which looked seemingly clear. Knowing that you can never trust someone waving you on I cautiously made the turn and just as I was about to go a car whizzed passed me in the far lane. I slammed on the brakes just in time and probably missed getting struck by a 40 mph vehicle by a foot. The Indian man had his hands on his head as I looked over at him. This is why I implore you to never be nice to people in traffic. You are actually making it more dangerous to drive when you try to be nice. My car would have been completely smashed and I can just imagine what a jolt like that would do to my body. Those few moments could have altered my entire life because I was almost stupid enough to trust another human being.

So after brushing that almost catastrophe off like no big deal, I started thinking about how some people would take a bullet for others. People who become secret service agents would risk their lives for the President and I started thinking if there was anyone I would take a bullet for. Not surprisingly the list was very short. I like to think of myself as a generous person but there has to be some thought given to how much is too much. Everyone is only given one life to live and I would love to know the answers of other people. Would I take a bullet for my parents even though they’ve lived 27 more years then me? What about my siblings? Close friends? Your significant other? I think this is a tough question to answer.