Weekend Poker

So I’ve put in hours and hours today of online poker. After 13 days of playing I’m up 910 dollars. I’m working away a reload bonus which I’ve already got 100 of so a real number is 810. To give a better idea of how far I’ve come and where I still can go. I’ve had two final tables in the 180 man’s with a 2nd and 4th in the last two days. I got 49th out of 1881 when my KK lost to a 44 in a hand that would have put me in the top 10 stacks. I also got 150th or so out of 4400 when my JJ < K6 ai pf. I've been playing 9 tables at a time between sng's and mtt's and I'm really just waiting to break through with some big scores but currently just grinding it out. This ankle break has given me a lot of time to devote to improving my game and with a little luck I should be able to take it to the next level.

I went to the bar yesterday for pretty much my first time out on crutches. It’s ok but I feel like an inconvenience and I couldn’t go to the bathroom because there were like 20 steps. Once my bladder filled up it was time to leave. We were watching the afternoon games and I’ve lost my last 5 bets. I’m down about 100 bucks betting on games which is pretty pathetic considering I haven’t bet more than 20 bucks on a game. My pools are decent. The way I look at it, you see how many people are ahead of you with the team you picked winning it all because you don’t win these unless you pick the winner. I have 5 people ahead of me in the big pool with Kansas as the winner and am sitting pretty in Chad’s Softerware pool leading all people with Duke as the winner. I’m not going to win Baker’s pool. My alma mater Pitt chocked but I obviously saw that coming and didn’t have them advancing past the sweet 16 in any. I did well with Richmond and Jimmer but messed up with Xavier. Also 4 out of my 5 picks I pointed out in an earlier post covered and all 5 won. I’ll update as the brackets continue.