Ray’s Got Game

“Whatever Ray is making, it’s not enough.” (3 Million)

“That three was so ridic, a fade away with 5 seconds left and the season on the line? Swish City.” – The Shee

Ray Allen jumped up my list of NBA players with this clutch shot last night. Lebron too. Fans won’t forget Ray’s shot but they will forget that when the Heat were down 5, Lebron got a good look at a 3 and completely missed the rim, the rebound bounced around and Mike Miller got the ball right back to Lebron and he rose up and knocked one down. After the aforementioned point of the game I made a comment to Jeff that Lebron seemed a bit frazzled and I’d want Ray to take the shot if my team needed it. Obviously Chris Bosh thought the same thing.

Setup before Ray Ray swishes the biggest shot of his career.

Setup before Ray Ray swishes the biggest shot of his career.

Last night’s game was one of the best NBA games I’ve witnessed in a long time. Lebron guarding Parker and him stepping back from 3 land and nailing it to put his team up was heroic. Later Parker owned Chalmers in the lane which proved Lebron is the only guy on the floor who can stand a chance covering Parker. Bosh played the OT of his life with a great 3 point play to start it and the risky block on Green to seal it. Was Manu fouled on the play where San Antonio should have called a timeout with 11 seconds left? Probably but whistles are silent in situations like that and there’s nothing wrong with that. I was thoroughly entertained and the sense of a season ending with a loss was evident in the 4th quarter. The tension and pressure were high and you could feel it exuding from Lebron (the head band got removed by his powering up like in DragonBall). I let out a yelp when Ray swished that 3 because I couldn’t contain my excitement. It was truly one for the ages.