2 posts in 1 day Orly?

What spurred this post on was that I googled the title of my blog expecting mine to be at the top of the search and after noticing I wasn’t at the top, I decided to read my competition. Even the most boring people on the planet would be bored reading these blogs. I honestly can’t believe 2 things about what I read. First that people could be so boring and second that people have the wherewithall to blog about how boring they are. I know when I’m writing dud entries. This is a dud entry but how my blog hasn’t risen to the top of the information superhighway is beyond me. I show you pictures of Stacy Kiebler with yarn up her ass crack. I give my first class personal opinions of how to do things and what things are good. If I endorse it, there must be something good about it. Thank me later for this gem. I don’t claim to be the best or right all the time but I have an opinion on what is right, wrong, good and bad and am happy to share with anyone who cares.

I actually wanted to take this time to write what I thought about the 2nd season of True Blood because it’s one of the best shows on TV. Andy and Jason are probably one of the best duos in a series. Jason started the season like a fag but finished like a champ. I don’t want to butcher any of the lines but when him and Andy were talking at the bar how they were hero’s, yet neither knew how it happened, I just thought it was good comedy between two well played characters. The Hoyt-Jessica thing was sort of annoying and I’m not going to miss Eggs. Sam killing Maryanne by turning into a bull was sort of weird. If he can turn into anything and kill her why didn’t he just do it earlier. Seems like it would be tough for Maryanne to battle a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Her crazy psycho powers probably wouldn’t have effected him that much as a dinosaur. The vampire Bill and Sookie thing is starting to get old. They played it off like Eric took Bill in the last scene but we’ll see. I sort of thought the latter part of the season was a let down but it still held my interest. I would like to see a better bad guy in the next one. Maybe some breed that starts owning the vamps. All in all I still think it’s a good show and will watch again. Can’t say the same for Entourage which is just really stretching for material. Dexter and Californication start soon.