Kingpin (1996)

Roy Munson

Roy Munson

“Munsoned”? What the hell is that?”
“You know. Munsoned. To be up a creek without a paddle.
To have the world in the palm of your hand and then blow it.”

My #1 favorite line in the movie  – “Oh, creepy!”

Kingpin is the #2 bowling movie created behind the Big Lebowski.  If you’ve seen the movie you know the scene above is why Big Ern is in the running of best character of all time.  He dominates this performance by being the typical asshole and it’s hilarious how the media loves him.  The next scene is Big Ernie McCracken being Big Ernie McCracken at his finest.

A few comments on this scene and the greatness of Big Ern’s character:
1) Calling yourself a giant
2) “Was I talking out loud” is a great cover up to not admitting wrongdoing
3) The timing of “good luck” is the epitome of sportsmanship
4) Big Ern’s exit deserves recognition

Supplemental Income

“Supplemental Income”

It doesn’t stop there though. This movie is funny throughout and it’s almost 20 years old!  A classic line from Big Ern when ordering his drink in the diner is, “Tanqueray and Tab. Keep ’em coming, sweets. l got a long drive.

Roy MunsonRoy is called Captain Hook in this movie!  A great running joke throughout is when he shows people his bowling ring and they confuse the situation thinking he’s showing them his hand.

The way Big Ern acts in every scene is laugh out loud funny. This scene delivers the Kingpin knockout blow.  On the floor spin is a move not utilized enough.

still-of-randy-quaid-and-vanessa-angel-in-kingpin-1996-large-pictureI’m a big Woody Harrelson fan as well and he does a great job as Roy.  Vanessa Angel, Claudia, is nice eye candy and the nip scene will forever be embedded in my teenage memory.  What a babe.  I always wondered, why in a million dollar house does the host have Busch beer in the fridge?

The soundtrack is also wonderful with Save it for Later by The English Beat, She Came On by Super Deluxe, Bad Reputation by Freedy Johnston, and Superman by Goldfinger  This movie delivers a strike.

And who can ever forget the “pump and dump”.