Moral Dilemma

CK4 asked me to post this although I made him quite aware my readers don’t participate. He is also is much more obsessed with this issue as I made sure to tell him it’s pretty mundane. Here’s what happened. He purchased a new car a few weeks ago and his old car had $275 dollars worth of damage (wear and tear). In negotiating for the new car, the dealership agreed to pick up this charge. They took this charge off of the down payment originally negotiated. Now, a few days ago he rec’d a check in the mail from the dealership for $275. Essentially he is receiving this money twice from the dealership. I want to add that this amount of money will not change his living situation and he has no major debts to pay off. Would you cash the second check and take advantage of the dealerships stupidity or be fair and return the check?

Would you cash the Check?

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