Let’s play the market

I’m by no means a worthy source for financial advice but every once in while even a blind squirrel finds a nut. I pointed out MOBI back at around 7 bucks a share and it risen as high as 11 before settling at 10 where it is now. I also have watched DANG pull back to near 24 and I think a buying opportunity is around 20 bucks a share. There are both Chinese, ecommerce stock plays and China’s market is poised for a slowdown so beware. I would personally sell MOBI any time it hits 11 and then see if you can buy back in on any dip. My thoughts are that the market is in for some tough times ahead. The dollar is starting to weaken again and other economies are looking for ways to diversify their money. When the dollar weakens, commodities tend to rise. I like purchasing agricultural ETF’s like MOO and DBA. Oil will also go higher which will bring the stock market down because businesses have higher costs and will cut into profits which will miss earnings forecasts. Moving out of equities now would seem timely considering what is up ahead. Buying puts on stocks that have risen so much like NFLX also crossed my mind.

Keep in consideration I am a mere simpleton and no nothing more then the rest of you. Also realize that financial advisers won’t give you much better advice because they are in it for one thing and that is to keep you as their client so they can make money off you. They don’t care if you win or lose as long as you stay their client. The plays I mentioned above are all pretty risky but that’s my general feeling on the market from someone who is so far out of tune what is really going on. This does document my thoughts though which is why I wrote it.