Mix and Match a Broad

Pretty obvious by the title but I’m picking specific body parts off of celebs and putting them together to form one super human. I’ll start at the top and work down.

Eyes – Kristen Bell

I’m not really sure how easy it is to pick eyes but I just thought of someone I thought was attractive and threw them in. Chad thinks that she looks retarded but she’s the only reason I thought that Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a good movie. I can’t really put my finger on it but I just really like the way she looks.

Hair – Jennifer Aniston

I think that any girl can be attractive no matter the hair color but I’ve always had a thing for the blonde / brunette combo. Aniston’s hair is pretty much flawless. I don’t know anything about females hair except that this looks very nice and I bet she’d be pissed if you touched it.

Mouth – Julianne Hough

This more so has to do with the picture than actually liking a girls mouth. I just ran across it and found it fitting for it’s purpose. Plus it’s Julianne Hough and she deserves to be a part of the perfect female.

Chest – Sofia Vergara

I ran across this photo on TMZ and this is actually what sparked this post for me. Like Usher would say “omg.” I honestly don’t know how you can walk around with these cans and have any balance whatsoever. How does she go for a run? This is just too much to take in.

Butt – Kim K

I don’t really understand the allure of a huge ass but if I were going to pick one I guess this would be it. I think it’s just the whole curvy body, big ass thing that guys are attracted to. I just find her attractive as a whole honestly.

Legs – Stacy Kiebler

By far the easiest one to pick for me. I would watch Dancing of the Stars clips just to see her. I’ve voted her my favorite girl of all time and I still have her at the top of my list. If there is any other female who even competes with Stacy’s leg, I would like to know.